About me

I am a psychologist who lives in Calgary with my beloved partner of 18 years and my mischievous Basset Hound, Jelly. I enjoyed a busy practice before my diagnosis with leukemia (CML) in August 2012, but I am now working only occasionally. My days are spent keeping well, often by cooking (and eating) healthy food, walking my dog, and practicing yoga.

My CML diagnosis followed a long history of other health challenges. Twelve years prior, I was diagnosed with polycythemia, a blood disorder believed unrelated to my leukemia. A few months later, doctors discovered an ugly blood clot just outside my liver, likely due to my polycythemia. My liver functioning has been compromised since, complicating treatment for my other health conditions. Over the years, I have gained considerable experience as a patient both in and out of hospital, and I have been graced with tremendous medical care, especially since my CML diagnosis. Don’t knock Canada’s public health care system ’til you try it.

Through this blog, I will share my experiences of living with chronic illness, both as a patient and as a psychologist. I’ve learned that sometimes being happy is hard work. Some days are harder than others but my focus here will be on worrying less and enjoying life more. No point sitting around waiting to die.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello – I am also a PCV patient, and I have an additional diagnosis called Budd Chiari (clots in the liver). I am really looking looking forward to reading your blog, I have only just discovered it. I am also blogging about my experience, albeit through a slightly different lens. Wishing you all the best with your on going treatment. P.s I also say hi to the Basset Hound!


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