My dog is more beautiful than your honour student, and I have proofs.

Basset with wreath of flowers around her neck, tongue sticking outAs a psychologist who has performed many cognitive assessments over the years, I know what intelligence is. I can tell you with assurance, then, that Jelly is not the sharpest tack in the box, even without formally assessing her. I’ve provided many examples of her slow learning in the past, including, for example, her persistent awakening for breakfast a full hour before we feed her.

She does have her sharper moments, though. Imagine my delight yesterday when I caught her on our new bed. She somehow realized that, at 5 inches lower, she can easily manage the jump. I praised her and sent a photo to J. rather than yelling at her to get down, as I should have. I’m not very bright either.

Jelly may lack smarts, but she is lovable and she is adorable. I’m sure you’ll agree as I share a few shots from a recent professional photography session. Yes, we had portraits taken of our beauty queen. Sounds out of character, doesn’t it? Well, it was for a good cause.

A few weeks ago, J. spent the evening emaiing back and forth with a mystery correspondent. She refused to tell me who it was, so I got grumpy and pouted like any childish adult would. Eventually the exchange ended, although my pouting did not, and we got ready to call it a night.

Before we tucked her in, Jelly needed her pre-sleep piddle. J. beckoned her: “C’mon Miss October, you have to go out.” Miss October? What? Turns out J. had been participating in a silent-auction bidding war for a spot in next year’s Calgary Basset Rescue Society calendar. Thanks to J.’s efforts, Jelly was crowned Miss October, in honour of my birthday.

Basset with tutu and flowers around her neckAnd so it came to pass that the talented pet photographer, Nayla Chamoun, and her lighting specialist (her lovely husband Fadi), volunteered their time and services for Jelly’s photo shoot last weekend. Nayla brought the seasonal wardrobe, including a custom-made tutu and an autumnal wreath of flowers. Then she lowered herself to Jelly’s vertically challenged level to take some beautiful shots of our little princess. In one photo, Jelly bears a remarkable resemblance to a turkey, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Basset hound looking in the distance with wreath of flowers around her headBut my favourite is the one on the right, in which Jelly appears pensive, perhaps even wistful. She’s staring off into the distance. I like to imagine she’s contemplating her full life, her doting parents, and her gratitude that we opened our home to her. As if. Jelly was far from wistful at that moment; rather, she was coveting the treat in J.’s hand. Had Nayla waited a second longer to take the shot, drool would have started dripping from the corner of Jelly’s mouth.

What a perfect gift. I am the gal who wants for nothing but fun times and family togetherness and opportunities to meet wonderful people. Oh, and for the world to see our beautiful furry child. All those things I received.

When I asked Nayla if I might share a few of her beautiful photos in this post, she said she would be honoured. The honour is all mine, Nayla.

P.S. Be sure to check out Nayla’s website here. Trust me when I tell you she is truly gifted.


4 thoughts on “My dog is more beautiful than your honour student, and I have proofs.

  1. No doubt about it: Jelly is so cute and beautiful, none of my honours students can compete with that! Can’t wait to receive the Basset rescue society calendar.


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