God has nothing on me.

Picture of sky and grass, with Genesis 1.1 in words.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. God was pretty busy during the whole creation thing. After the heavens and the earth, he created night and day, land and sea, animals, plants, and even humans. He worked his tail off to get all that done in 6 days. And on the seventh day, He rested. No wonder, He must have been pooped.

You may be thinking I’m going to write about the creationism debate or some such thing, but you’d be wrong. I’m just impressed at how task focussed God was, how hard He (who decided God wasn’t a “She” anyway?) worked, and how much He accomplished in less than a week. Way to go, God.

But over the last few weeks, I outdid Him. J. and I travelled, adventured, walked and explored for 13 whole days, culminating in a 528-step climb up the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral for a spectacular view of London. And on the 14th day, I rested. Our last full day in this wonderful place, I was so pooped, J. had to slow down to my snail’s pace. We ambled all day, enjoying our last opportunity to pretend we lived in this world so different from ours. Oh, and to disabuse you of the notion that this trip was all about me, we visited the pub one last time, which thankfully involved sitting.

As if my lasting 13 energetic days was not enough, I experienced many other miracles on this vacation. Small burn on my arm aside, I managed the full two weeks without any need for a doctor or medical care. I didn’t even get a cold. I could almost forget I had leukemia, and liver disease, and polycythemia. Except for the increasingly dark circles under my eyes, I think I could have passed for a heathy person.

And J., bless her soul, who had been hesitant about travelling with her partner of vulnerable health, found a way to let that go once our vacation was in full swing. That can’t have been easy. Her worry quotient diminished and her relaxed and happy quotient increased. More power to her.

And then I got home and stepped on the scale and, wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I had not gained weight. I have been known to gain up to 10 lbs on a 2-week vacation, not of fat but of fluid, because of the saltiness of restaurant food, which my body rarely encounters. But neither of us enjoy gluttony when we’re on vacation; that’s why we enjoy breakfast and, most often, dinner in our holiday suite, and lunch out on the go. This time I somehow did not balloon like I always do. Divine intervention, perhaps?

We are home and I am now experiencing the miracle of pre-dawn productivity after a 4-a.m. wake up. I’m exaggerating: this morning, I made it ’til 5. Jet lag is my friend. Hence the batch of muffins and grocery store shop before arriving early to yoga yesterday morning. I doubt God could have accomplished that. If God made baking the priority that I do, Jews wouldn’t have to eat matzah for Passover.



12 thoughts on “God has nothing on me.

    • Well, that remains to be seen, but J. was quite smitten with the Israeli boureka she had at one of London’s incredible outdoor markets. I think she might want another one from an Israeli living in Israel. I’m thinking maybe we could at least cross the border to the US again without worrying about bankruptcy, but that would be much less exotic. Dream big, so they say. XO


    • Thank you for the warm welcome home! I like that, “Goddesses of Travel and Adventure”. I realized only after I published this post that comparing myself to God may have been a wee bit narcissistic. Oh well, it was a fabulous trip. XO


  1. I like your last sentence about eating matzah on Passover. It’s actually funny if you think about it because the Jews actually did put baking as their priority! Pharaoh finally told the Jews they could leave, and he said PRONTO! And they were like, yeah, we’ll leave, but let we have to bake our bread first!

    I’m happy to hear you had a nice trip and a break from the docs.


    • Chana Sara: Thanks for writing. You have a point. I guess I should be more grateful for matzah than I am. I just think maybe with a little more time, the Jews could have baked challah. If I could choose between matzah and challah, I’d choose challah every time. Cheers! Annie


  2. Well, well u 2…
    One of my favourite flowering trees is at it again this year and it reminds me of last year and of me sending you pictures of it, in an attempt to brighten your day(s) during a rough patch, if I remember correctly…

    Sounds like no splendid floral arrangements of it are needed to cheer you up this year, so just some written encouragement for you to keep knocking the hurdles down (nobody really cares if you can’t clear them perfectly) just keep knocking them down !!!

    You 2 inspire me beyond words….

    really, u do…

    xox from the left coast


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