I could while away the hours conferring with the flowers, but why would I?

Road sign, "Lost" pointing one way, "Very lost" pointing the other

If you’ve been following my blog this past, you know that I have much too much time on my hands. Even telephone solicitors have stopped calling my work phone. I walk Jelly, go to yoga, buy groceries, and prepare the odd meal, if I’m not busy twiddling my thumbs.

Thank goodness I’ve found a few activities to fill my time. Yesterday, the Fabulous Four, the Ladies Who Lunch, the Doting Dog Parents, had another lovely reunion over a scrumptious lunch. My minimal preparation involved baking cookies. Our fellow out of towners drove in from the mountains, while I managed to get lost on my 11-minute route, despite my pre-mapping. My spatial challenges know no bounds.

After so many chats at the dog park, catching up with these friends is easy and fun. Thanks to N. and her furry companion, I enjoyed a beautiful meal and the chance to visit. May our connections transcend the dog park for many years to come.

I also managed to complete not just my but J.’s taxes, thereby defying all my procrastinatory tendencies. Why the obscene punctuality? First, I have transitioned from a multitasker to a serial monotasker–I can only manage one major project at a time. I decided to tackle the taxes so I could get on with planning our trip.

But there is another reason for my punctuality: I was doing not just my but J.’s taxes this year. Once I had started, had I not soon been able to inform J. of the outcome, I anticipated her wrenching the task away from me and completing it herself. J.’s annual tradition involves completing her taxes well ahead of the rest of the Canadian populace, so that when others are frantic, she is gloating over her tax refund. Her gloating has annoyed me for years because I, unlike her, have always owed taxes.

But this year things were different. Oh, I still owed taxes, about $500 on my paltry $18,000 annual income. Since this was the first year of her wedding-commissioner business, J. feared she might owe taxes as well. In fact, she reviewed the data I had input to reassure herself I had not made an egregious error, which I can understand. (My attention to detail is not as sharp as it once was.) Why else would she owe the government money for the first time in her life? Despite the odds, J.’s review revealed that I had not made any mistakes. Rather, she realized she was pretty lucky not tp owe Revenue Canada more than she did.

Now that our taxes are done, I can focus on trip preparation. I will visit Dr. Blood next week to ensure–be reassured?–that I am fit to travel. While I await this appointment, I will be creating an unrealistically overloaded daily itinerary for our trip, knowing we will probably have to ditch half of our plans once we’re there.

I’d rather aim high than low, wouldn’t you? If I didn’t, I’d still be working on those taxes. Heck, I’d still be driving around in search of the Ladies Who Lunch. I’d hate to have missed out on that great get together, and I’m not just talking about that Thai beef salad.


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