Annie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Do you ever have one of those days, those awful ones that you’d rather forget? That was my Monday. In this post, I’m breaking my promise to never again ask for a do-over.

The day started uneventfully: a lovely dog walk, breakfast, and a short drive to yoga. The gym is about a mile away, a route that I could drive with my eyes closed, but I wouldn’t. But this time, disaster struck. On a left turn, I hit an older pedestrian. He lost balance when he placed his hand on my car and fell on the pavement. Thankfully, I was driving very slowly and was able to stop immediately.

Before we go any further, I want to assure you that, although the fellow was likely bruised from the fall, he was not seriously hurt. He was able to walk, and was checked out by paramedics, but thankfully he was fine. That was all I cared about.

I am 100% responsible for what happened. A man was walking through an intersection on a walk sign and I did not yield to him. When car hits person, car is to blame, unless the individual is jaywalking.

I was very upset by this turn of events, as I’m sure you understand. I was unsure whether I had been reckless or inattentive, although I could clearly remember checking the intersection from all directions before proceeding slowly. I turned into blinding sun, which is not an excuse but a reality; I could not see the man crossing.

Emergency services arrived within minutes and police reviewed the incident with me. I was very upset and acknowledged fault. After completing my written statement, I asked the officer what witnesses had seen. Witnesses had confirmed my version of events, but the officer still issued me a very large ticket. As he handed it to me apologetically, he encouraged me to attend court to challenge the charge. Clearly he was implying he trusted I was driving with care.

Your first impulse may be to call my doctor and have my license is revoked; that was my first impulse too. That is, until witnesses confirmed my perception of events. This had nothing to do with my leukemia or my fatigue or undue care. You know from previous rants I was not on my phone. You are not unsafe with me on the road.

Over the past few days, I’ve forced myself to get behind the wheel. If I don’t, I’ll become afraid of driving. Sure, I want to avoid things that are scary for me, but avoidance will only make me more fearful over time. Get back on the horse, or behind the wheel, as the case may be. Sure, I’ve been driving more cautiously, especially when the sun obstructs my vision, but that makes sense, doesn’t it? You’d probably do the same.

This incident has also reminded me that sometimes drivers are inattentive or distracted or, like me that day, unable to see momentarily. There’s wisdom in the old adage: “Look both ways before you cross the street.” Yes, mom, you were right.


8 thoughts on “Annie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. Oh Annie. What a horrible day for everyone involved 😦

    As you know, I’ve been in the road design business now for almost 35 years and us insiders seem to be seeing more and more pedestrian and vehicle incidents in or near marked cross walks and there is a lot of debate amongst us about why this is happening. One theory is based on the believe that pedestrians feel too safe when using a marked cross walk and the pedestrian becomes more aggressive or unattentive, because of their perceived believe that a car must stop for them. I’ve provided a good information link as a refresher for all of us using our road system. The link is from ICBC, but should be applicable across Canada. Pedestrians have responsibilities as well when entering and using a cross walk, marked or not.

    Based on your version of events, it sounds like mr. potato head pedestrian was not paying adequate attention to what was going on and should have been able to avoid the conflict…

    keep on truckin Annie!



    • Thanks for the information and for your compassion, Randy. You know a lot more about this issue than I do, for sure. You’ve made many good points and thanks for providing the link to that information. It is a really tough one. XO Annie


  2. Hey Annie, Just catching up on your blog! Trust me I have been there and wanted a do over for driving with undue care and attention. Took me a long time to drive after that one. But I am told it’s just like falling off a bike, just get back on and pedal!! On a side note I am soooo happy to hear about your trip that you and J are going on that will be awesome!! Have an awesome day and thanks always for sharing. Take good care Sue


    • Thanks for checking in, Sue. I’m sorry you’ve been in a similar situation, but it sounds like you know just how I’ve been feeling this week. And yes, we do plan to go away. So far so good! Thanks for the good wishes. See you soon! XO Annie


  3. Hi Annie, How are you today? I just read your post about 3D and the 3 lottery tickets with the same numbers, definitely sounds like the 3D I played softball with many many years ago….too funny!!! You are doing a great job with your blog, how do you think of so many different posting themes??? I laughed at your Babka post. I can picture you walking down the street with a big piece of Babka, I hope you shared with Jelly! You share so much of yourself with your readers, I admire you for that. Don’t be too hard on yourself for nudging the older gentleman in the crosswalk, we’ve all driven our cars when the road suddenly disappears due to sun, snow, fog(for us east coasters)….Because you were going slow, being cautious, he wasn’t hurt. Have you ever considered compiling your posts and writing a book? Looking forward to your next post and finishing 2015. Enjoy your day. Hi to J. Rose


    • Dear Rose: Thank you for all your kind, encouraging words. Yes, that’s the 3D alright. How do I think of what to write about? I’m not sure. I often come up with ideas while I’m walking Jelly, or when something so weird happens I have to write about it. And no, I did not share my babka with Jelly. I wanted it all for myself, and I used the excuse that chocolate can be deadly for dogs. And then there are those bad days, like last week’s accident, where I feel it will help me to write about what’s happened.

      As for the book idea, I don’t know that I’m a book person. I can only write 500 words at a time, so I think it would be very disjointed. But I’m honoured you’d suggest it.

      Thank you for taking the time to read the blog from the beginning. I think what I’ve written makes more sense from the beginning. I’m glad you are enjoying it.



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