Another year, another blogaversary

I somehow missed World Cancer Day yesterday. I too could have been shaving my head or riding my bike or showing the world how to live well with cancer. Instead, I was busy scripting today’s post. We all have our priorities.

Happy Second Blogaversary to me! Yes, some of you have been reading my random thoughts for two full years now. I haven’t died yet, nor have I run out of topics to write about. Some people have verbal diarrhea; I have the writing runs. In fact, I am stockpiling random posts for J. to publish after I die. Yes, that was my dry sense of humour. Worry not, dear reader. When I’m six feet under, you will not hear a peep from me, I promise.

Golden retriever at computer with coffee by side.

I’m sure opposable thumbs would help.

Over these two years, I have challenged my perfectionist nature, posting despite many a grammatical and spelling error. When a proofreader “liked” one of last week’s posts, I wasn’t sure whether to be honoured or hurt, but first I scoured that post for errors. Couldn’t find any. Ha! But I’m sure you all caught the mistake in the very first sentence of the last post. Don’t bother checking; I’ve fixed it now. Consider me your model of imperfection.

Over my two years of blogging, I have somehow garnered 11,000 views. I have 211 followers. 161 are fellow bloggers; the rest I have bullied into following me. Thanks to all of you for being my community of support (except for those of you who want my money). My followers who are themselves bloggers deserve my gratitude, for I take, take, take, but I do not give back. I may not “like” your posts or follow you, but I do check in sometimes, and I admire what you do because I know how hard it is. I do wish you well, but I can only manage the drama that is my own life.

I especially revere my health-challenged readers, who visit without knowing exactly how this story is going to end. Well, we all do know how this story is going to end: at some point I will die. Hopefully it won’t be for a long time, but it will happen. Although I have helped many anxious people in my work, I don’t cope well with others’ stories of ill health. I hope you understand my maintaining my distance.

You are all brave to risk reading, and I will understand if you jump ship at some point. You don’t have to yet, though, since I’m feeling pretty darn healthy of late. So I will keep writing, and I hope you’ll keep reading. I’ll try to make it worth your while.

Thanks to my friend C.’s insight, I want to believe that a blog that is all about me helps me stay connected to you. Maybe upon reading what I’ve written, you have reached out to me somehow, maybe you’ve shared the post with a friend, or you’ve opened up with someone in your own life. I hope you’ve sought support for something you would otherwise have suffered through alone. We all need support during the tough times.

May we maintain our relationship for years to come, in sickness and in health. I’ll do my part.

Let’s raise a teetotaller’s glass in celebration: Here’s to another year of my random musings. I hope you enjoy the ride. L’Chaim!


6 thoughts on “Another year, another blogaversary

  1. 11,000 views! That is amazing. Thank you for writing and keeping us connected and close even when we may be geographically far away. ❤️


    • Dear Impus (Latin for “imp” I’m assuming; I might have expected you to call yourself “impa” in this case): Thank you for your very kind comment. I’m glad you feel the blog is keeping us connected. Now that you’ve created a perfect pseudonym, perhaps I will hear from you more often. XO


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