Best field trip ever

Full lunch spread on table facing sunny windows

A fancy festive feast for friends

Have I told you yet that I’ve discovered grapefruit-flavoured wine gums? Talk about killing two birds with one stone! I’m trusting that their fake grapefruity flavouring does not contain that compound that would interfere with my chemotherapy. I am trying not to eat them with abandon, of course, but I admit they have usurped my love for the blackberry-flavoured ones.

In case you’re wondering why I’ve been eating wine gums, I never asserted I’d quit eating them altogether, only that I’d slow down my consumption. I reject the whole forbidden-foods thing; too often I end up bingeing on foods I cut out completely. Eating mindfully works much better for me, although J. thinks my mindful eating is making me fat. On this we will agree to disagree.

I had more fun on Friday’s field trip than I had visiting the science centre in Grade 2, and I love science. The weather gods were with us on this glorious day, and the drive into the mountains was stunning, especially for me since N. was driving.

We arrived to a warm welcome from our buddies, including C., who made a beautiful lunch spread, and her furry stick shredder, and P., who contributed home-baked foccacia to the feast. My dessert was so so, in keeping with my ever-inconsistent baking skills, but the girls suffered through it.

Most importantly, we caught up, just like we used to several mornings a week at the dog park. It was just like old times, without the walking and the dog-parenting distractions. We had a chance to see C. and P.’s homes, and to pet P.’s sweet grande dame.

Friendships come and go in our lives. Proximity is all the more critical for me, especially since I caught the leukemia bug. (Silly me. I didn’t catch leukemia; it’s not the flu.) I can’t as easily hop in the car and drive across town, or out of town, to visit. Just like a baby, I have to schedule activities around my afternoon nap.

Despite our physical distance, these kind women have continued to show an interest in my life by following my blog. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am deeply touched that anyone would take time to read about my mundane daily life and experiences. Yes, that includes all of you, too.

In our email exchanges following lunch, the host, C., wrote something that really warmed my heart. (Yes, that’s hokey, but I feel hokey.) She believes the blog has kept our group connected, and thus that I have played a role in our maintaining our friendships. She even went so far as to designate me the connector. I have never thought of myself as a connector since I’m the shy follower type. Still, I am touched that C. views me as such.

We had a lovely visit, if a bit brief (darn that nap time), and I yawned all the way home. I hope we will get together again soon. N. has offered her home for our next gathering. In the meantime, I’ll have time to come up with a better dessert. Let me know if you’d like to help with the selection process. I could obviously use some input, and I always have spoils to share.


6 thoughts on “Best field trip ever

  1. By the way I loved the dessert. I finished the last piece today and yes I did share a few morsels with my guys. I am also enjoying the coveted squares you left behind. You can bake for me anytime!


    • Christine: Maybe I misjudged the dessert. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and the squares too. I do miss baking for you. Perhaps I’ll have to start XPressPosting baked goods to you and P. They may get smushed but they won’t be stale. XO Annie


      • You can call me anything, just don’t call me too late after baking bran muffins! They were perfectly delicious yesterday on the ski trip and I’m sure my GI system will be praising their glory any time now. Oh, and chocolate can always go on the side!


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