Around the world in 24 hours

Person's hand holding a miniature globe

It seems I worried some of you with last Friday’s post. Well, after a full weekend of keeping my swollen finger elevated on my softest feather pillow and scanning my arm regularly for the return of those ominous red streaks, I seem to be fine. You don’t really think I’d sit around elevating my finger, do you?

To the disbelievers: how could you take me for the drama queen type? I never exaggerate. A real drama queen would have barged into the doctor’s office at the first sign of the scratch. I didn’t do that; I waited until the infection spread to my lymph nodes. When I went to the doctor, I apologized for bothering her over a scratch while she chastised me for not coming sooner. I’d say the doctor was the drama queen.

Rather than sitting around nursing my miniature wound this weekend, I went travelling. I completed my home yoga practice–hello India!–while watching Giada’s new show on Food Network. I don’t like the show much but it’s filmed on the Amalfi coast so the scenery is grand.

Then J. and I went to Brooklyn, the movie that is, which took place in…wait for it…Brooklyn, and a small town in Ireland. (As a completely unrelated aside, Brooklyn was much better than Carol, which I was supposed to like since I’m gay. It was a “nothing ever happens” movie, and the characters were not very likeable. Also, every shot was filmed through a rainy window. What a downer. The critics gave it 5 stars, but I took off one for each time I fell asleep, which brought my rating down to 0.) Brooklyn deserved its rave reviews, and by the end of two hours, I had crossed the Atlantic.

If a scratch puts me at risk of sepsis, Montezuma would surely intrude on any trip to Mexico. Why not bring Mexico here instead? So we ate Mexican for dinner, tasty bean tostadas with fresh salsa verde, chipotle sour cream, and jalapeño cheese. Sweet and spicy and crunchy and fibrous all in one. The meal was pretty yummy, if I might say.

Right after dinner, Downton Abbey was on–good thing I’d done yoga earlier or I’d have seized up from all the sitting–so back to the UK we went. To get in the spirit, I had bought some Cadbury caramel biscuits which J. and I enjoyed for dessert. You know where the real Cadbury factory is, right? But did you know Cadbury chocolate tastes better in England?

This morning, since J. was not working and the sun was shining, we had planned to head to Antarctica with the Calgary Zoo’s Penguin Stroll. J., ever the pragmatist, said that if we were going to pay for zoo entry, we’d better traverse a few more continents while we were there. I agreed with the plan.

Alas, we were a bit late heading out because Jelly and I tarried at the off-leash park. We both met up with good friends–it’s great when both members of the human-dog couple get along. And, despite all my adventures, on this most beautiful of days, I realized I’m pretty lucky to be right where I am.

Although I am looking forward to dinner of Thai stir fry with $6 cauliflower. It’d better be good.


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