In 2016, why don’t you carpe diem while I nap?

Thanks for all the kind comments on the previous post. I am ecstatic to report that a CML newbie did indeed happen upon this post yesterday. Dear reader, I wish you all the best in your CML journey. Moments like these give this blog purpose. Thank you.

How are the rest of you doing so far on your resolutions? If you heeded my wisdom last year, you set goals that were measurable, attainable, and reasonable. (2 hours at the gym 7 days per week? 1000 calories daily? Forget about it.) If this year’s resolutions explode, there are 364 other days of the year for you to set more manageable goals for yourself.

The first step toward change is acknowledging you have a problem. And don’t forget motivation breeds success.

Last year, I averted goal-setting failure altogether by resolving something that would be impossible to measure: I strived to be kinder to myself. I haven’t come as far as I’d like, but I’m catching myself when I’m overly self-critical. I shared a few new baked goods that I did not criticize in any way, for example. J. would say I have a way to go, and I agree with her. Consider me a living, breathing work in progress.

This year, I will work on accepting my “new normal”. At the time of my leukemia diagnosis, I went through quite the medical crisis, and my physical and mental functioning have never fully recovered. I’ve come a long way, baby, but I now know that I’ll never get back to my “before”. If I could better accept this reality, I expect I’d be kinder to myself. I will work toward being happy with what I can do at this time, rather than berating myself for what I can’t do.

For this reason, I am suggesting you carpe diem. There are so many things I wish I had done when I was in better health that I can’t even fathom doing now. Go do those things you’ve always wanted to while I nap, would you? Then come back and tell me all about them.

I have set a few less heady goals as well, but started on them last week so as to avoid the whole resolution-breaking thing. I have instituted a yoga home practice on the days I do not have a class. In one week, I’ve learned that if I set my mat in front of the television, thereby completely defeating the meditative effects of yoga–I have to make it work for me–I will move my body in strange contortions rather than remaining inert. So far, I’ve made myself very stiff without a teacher’s assistance.

I have also cut down on my wine gum consumption, an overindulgence instigated by an excellent sample at a candy store. (Yum, blackberry.) But I’ll allow myself a small amount when I’m amongst others who are drinking so I can feel part of the group. No one need know there’s no wine in wine gums.

Finally, Jelly, this one’s for you: Now that we are spending almost $90 per bag on your special limited-ingredient dog food, I resolve you forego scavenging for rabbit poop on our walks. It would make your mothers very happy. Now there’s a measurable, if unattainable, goal.

Labradoodle doing crow pose in yoga

My real goal for the year: crow pose


2 thoughts on “In 2016, why don’t you carpe diem while I nap?

  1. S and I like your resolutions. Also, you can never nap too much, in our opinion. Question though: what are some of the things you wish you had done that you didn’t?


    • I’m glad the two of you like my resolutions. Naps are good. I wish I’d travelled to some places that I now can’t go, that I’d learned more about food and cooking when I was younger, that I’d tried some different physical activities that I’d find pretty hard now, and that I’d eaten more bacon, of course, in no particular order. (Okay, maybe the bacon comes first.) So don’t waste any time! Get out there and do stuff! Enjoy life! I’m going to have a nap now. XOXO Annie


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