Another vacation day in the life of Super Grover

After a few days in the country, Super Grover has found his way back to a city again. Can you find him?

He had a leisurely start to the day, hanging about in his robe.

Super Grover in hotel robe draped at corner of couch

Then he enjoyed his morning coffee on the patio. He does enjoy the finer things in life.


Once we headed out, he met a horse, but he kept his distance. He’s kind of scared of horses.

Super Grover photobombs a horse plant sculpture

Then he met a whale, and, just like Jonah, he ended up in its mouth. But Super Grover begged and pleaded with the whale, so he made it out alive.

Super Grover in mouth of whale-shaped plant

Super Grover understands the importance of getting back on that horse, so to speak, so soon after he met a raven. Did he really have to taunt her? Close call on that one.

Super Grover in mouth of raven on totem pole

Super Grover was a bit traumatized by all those near misses with the animals, but he never stopped smiling. Even monsters with PTSD can hide their true feelings.

In memory of our trip to London, and to distract him from his trauma, Super Grover enjoyed a traditional afternoon tea with us. After that morning coffee and all those early challenges, he ordered herbal tea. You know how caffeine can make anxiety worse.

Super Grover having tea, plate of goodies in front of him.

That was a lot of excitement for one day, so we all think it’s time to head home. Yes, all good vacations must come to an end, even for Super Grover.



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