The Ongoing Adventures of Super Grover

Super Grover continues to enjoy his vacation.

First he visits a working farm. The chicken looks a bit perplexed, and a little angry, don’t you think?

Super Grover photobombing chicken behind wire fence

Then Super Grover leads the way on a not-so-challenging hike in the rainforest and almost falls through the bridge. Thank goodness for his big fat head.


Super Grover poking head out of walkway in forest

The view at the end justifies the effort. Super Grover loves a good beach.

Super Grover hides behind dead tree trunk with ocean view in background

Finally, it’s time for a beer. I may not be able to drink but Super Grover can. And he wasn’t driving.



8 thoughts on “The Ongoing Adventures of Super Grover

    • You know, Lisa, Super Grover might just be single. He sure is a lot of fun to travel with, and he’s very considerate and caring. I must admit he doesn’t have a lot of money, so you may have to pay your own way. I’ll ask him if he wants your number. I may have to facilitate contact, though, because he can’t move independently and he’s not very dextrous. XO


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