Who cares where Waldo is anyway?

Super Grover bookmark alongside eggplant adorned as personWaldo has been around for some time, hiding in crowds (doesn’t that guy ever need quiet time?), peeking from amidst the masses. Well, I think his time has passed. For one thing, he’s been wearing the same outfit for years. That red and white striped shirt must be filthy by now. And he never seems to age. I resent him for that. Those big round glasses he’s always had are back in style, at least. How about that constant smile on his face? Nobody can really be that happy.

In honour of my vacation, I thought we might play “Where’s Annie?” The only problem with this notion is that I’ve always gone incognito on my blog–it’s Annie Doe to you–and I don’t plan on giving that up now. A girl needs a little privacy. So I’ve asked Super Grover to fill in for me.

Super Grover is a variation on Grover, that cute, cuddly blue monster on Sesame Street. Except Super Grover is Grover’s superhero persona. He has a cape and flies through the air, in search of little muppets in distress. Somewhere along the way, he always has some disaster and crashes to the ground. I worry he might have a brain injury from all the falls, however. Maybe that explains why he’s so simple and, like Waldo, happy all the time.

So we’ve taken a few shots of Super Grover on our trip. He’s not as elusive as Waldo because he’s secure in his insecurity. You shouldn’t have trouble finding him. Just look for the crash helmet.

Super Grover alongside zucchinis made into racers


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