Why I don’t have orthorexia

Brown basset hound eating carrot.First a quick update on some important matters: 1) I am still flossing. I don’t understand it either; 2) I am still matching my underwear to my yoga pants most days, although I forgot today, which was unfortunate because downward dog can be a compromising position; and 3) I see Dr. Blood tomorrow, but so far so good on the new chemo front.

As the latest heat wave abates, I’ve been given permission to use the oven again. I was going through baking withdrawal. If you were here, you’d smell the Ghirardelli brownies (yes, from a mix; I was tired) wafting from the toaster oven. I’d share some with you but I’m not good at sharing so I haven’t invited you over.

Those brownies are just one of many signs that I don’t have orthorexia. Have you heard of this latest unofficial eating disorder? Orthorexics restrict their eating to foods that are healthy for them. A lot of us do that, but to be orthorexic, the behaviour must interfere with your life or impair your functioning in some way. Perhaps you become obsessed with eating “good” food (check), you judge those people who don’t eat like you (check), or you lose pleasure in eating (Are you kidding? Hurry up, brownies!).

I’m sure I have some features of orthorexia. I wander the aisles in the grocery store, looking at labels in the prepared food section, eyeing the baked goods, and fawning over the dips and cheeses, all the while mourning the sodium counts. Then I fill my basket with vegetables and fruit, and go home to cook bland food.

It would be a challenge to be orthorexic because the nutritional advice out there is always changing. I’ve heard that some nutrients may be good for my liver and others for cancer. Oh, and I should fit in probiotics for my gut. Coffee, the ultimate healer, was touted recently for reducing liver damage (in alcoholics, mind you; I’ll have to take up drinking to benefit), yet its consumption may damage my esophagus, which is fragile because of my blood clot. Can I mainline the stuff and bypass my esophagus altogether? Would IV coffee still make me perky?

Then there’s all the conflicting information I’m facing. I’ve read people with cancer should eat a high-protein diet to keep up their strength. How do I reconcile that with the high-carb, mostly vegetarian diet recommended for liver disease? I can’t do both simultaneously.

So sure, I’ll aspire to be orthorexic; I just need some clear guidelines. And then I’ll need to make sure I don’t get fat. Were I to consume all the foods reputed to be healing, I’d be eating constantly and would most surely gain weight, which would only necessitate more careful matching of my underwear to my yoga pants, downward dog or not.

Until I sort all this out, I’m applying the twofer rule: if a food can help me on both the liver and cancer fronts simultaneously, it’s in. Otherwise, I’ll have to pass. So far blueberries, asparagus, and my beloved coffee are on the list, at least to start. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add a few more foods soon.

Oh, there goes the timer. Don’t want those brownies to burn. I’m sure if I scour the internet, I’ll find a website that will justify my adding brownies to my accepted food list. If not, I guess I’ll just have to share after all.



4 thoughts on “Why I don’t have orthorexia

  1. Nice post 🙂 My blog is about eating healthy, cruelty free and eating delicious, cheap foods at the same time:) Great for healthy weight loss! Please check it out if your interested 🙂


    • In fact, I believe you bought these for us using your big-box membership. Thanks. That was the last of 5 bags, so next time you’re going…. Love, Annie

      P.S. Not as good as the hand-me-down lemon cake I had for breakfast. At least you bake from scratch!


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