How I win friends and influence people through my blog

Dogs celebrating at a party, with balloons and streamers and confettiThat last post was a bit of a downer–thanks to all of you who sent words of support my way–so I’ll try to make it up to you today. This post will be nothing but rainbows and butterflies.

It’s a day for celebration. This is my 200th blog post. That means that those of you who have been following me from the beginning have muddled through upwards of 100,000 written words here. That’s persistence! Think of all the time you’ve spent with me when you could have been weeding your garden/tending to your children/earning your paycheque.

We all need a purpose and goals, and I lost mine when I was diagnosed with leukemia. My focus for so many years was helping people. Sure, I am still a family member and a friend and an inconsistent baker and an uncoordinated yogi but I missed my psychologist self. I also missed exercising my brain, and Lumosity just wasn’t doing the trick.

And because my energy had tanked, I felt disconnected from so many of you, despite your best efforts to stay in touch. So I started writing, and you kindly started reading. I had a new way to connect with you when I couldn’t manage it in person. Between dog walks and yoga and Food Network reruns and naps–there have been a lot of naps–I could sit on the couch and write. Just knowing you’d be reading kept me going.

I think about how the blog has made friends from acquaintances and brought close friends closer. Maybe you were my neighbour down the street or someone I’ve known (but not known) for years through yoga or at the dog park. By following my blog and talking to me about it, not only have you gotten to know me, but I have come to know you in ways I wouldn’t have imagined before.

Did you know all the things I’m supposed to be doing to extend my life with cancer? I should be taking high doses of vitamin C and cutting out sugar in my diet (fat chance of that) and meditating mindfully and eating organic food, but I haven’t done any of those things. Instead, I’ve been dragging you through my ups and downs with my blog.

Turns out the best predictor of positive health outcomes is social support, which happens to be a lot cheaper than organic food. Yes, you, dear readers, by virtue of reading, are keeping me alive. I am touched knowing that you care about me enough to follow along, and that maybe even a few of you will miss it when I can’t write anymore. And I’m teeming with gratitude for your encouragement to keep writing.

Never forget your role in my longevity.

Every so often, when I’m feeling kind of blue or I’m bored with Food Network reruns, I too read my blog. After I correct all those editing errors–why doesn’t anyone tell me about those editing errors?!–I marvel at the thoughtful feedback and supportive comments I’ve received, all tangible signs of your participation in my project.

Oh, and then I laugh at my own jokes. Just trying to be honest, as always.




12 thoughts on “How I win friends and influence people through my blog

  1. Happy 200th blogaversary!! I think you should book a trip to celebrate!! Oh wait …….
    Keep laughing (at your own jokes is OK)! Stay positive, kid! We’re all rooting for you.
    Wil and Clive


  2. Wow, Annie! That’s a whole lotta writing! Your thoughts and insights – whether on serious matters or on subjects pertaining to male genetalia and poop (dog poop, not yours, although who knows what poop related blog you have planned for our future!) – have been much appreciated! XOXO Gene


    • Dear Gene: Thank you for being such a faithful follower. My apologies for editing your insightful comment but I’m trying to keep the blog G-rated. I do believe you may have forgotten my poop post, however. Shall I send you the link? Love, Annie P.S. Thank you for reading during your vacation. That’s dedication!


      • Dearest Annie, I am not sure exactly how you changed my original blog comment, however, I am positive that I definitely did not reference male genitalia, and am not sure how it ended up there. (I am not surprised that, despite your excellent spelling skills, you would mispell male genitalia!). Lots of love from Portugal!


  3. Hi Annie. Always read and enjoy your blog although I rarely comment – didn’t realize you valued the feedback as much as you do – silly me. Well 200 blogs – that is quite a feat. Congrats! I shall try to comment back because I definitely want to see you cruising around the neigborhood  for a long time. XO Rose 


  4. Mazel Tov!! 200 blog entries is very impressive. I am so glad that you started a blog and continue to write and that it offers fulfillment. I look forward to reading the next 200 entries!


  5. Annie, you likely don’t remember me – Mary – friend of Melanie – we ate together today and reminisced and I wondered out loud about you…and now, I am reading your absolutely wonderful, insightful, poignant, funny words….and I am sad. But also very very glad that I have had the gift to reconnect, even though it will be from afar – I’ve been fervently reading blog after blog – you are doing an incredible thing, offering your spirit and your honesty – you are still doing the work I knew you for before but in a different way. Thank you 🙂


    • Mary: I do remember you fondly and am so grateful you took the time to check out this blog. Your compliments means a great deal to me. And thank you for following the blog now. You will know more about me than you ever wanted to know! With gratitude, Annie


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