We’re not anti-cat, we’re just pro-dog, or so I thought….

How would you answer this question? A home without a dog is: a) lonely; b) quiet; c) cleaner, especially in the winter; d) not a home; e) all of the above. I can assure you that J. and I would both answer “e”.

J. and I have both owned dogs throughout our adult lives, before we got together and now that we are. In fact, we first met through a dog. Although we’re pro-dog, we’ve never considered getting a cat because, even though some of our best friends are own cats, we’re just not cat people. That’s different than being anti-cat, which we’re not. We like cats, we’ll pet them, heck, they’ll even purr for us. Did you know that yesterday was Hug Your Cat Day, cat lovers? You’re welcome.

I especially enjoy cats who are like dogs, i.e., the ones who follow me around and seek my affection. I once met a cat who could fetch. I was pretty impressed, since Jelly is a failure at fetching, except of course her ball.

But we can’t have a cat because both J. and I have never been able to get our heads around the whole kitty litter thing. Think about it: cats hang out in the litter to do their business, cover their deposit up with those cute little paws, and then walk all over every surface in the house. I’m not the clean freak that J. is but those little invisible paw prints haunt me.

I always thought J. held the same pet views as me, until our dear friends, the Double Ps, wrote to say they had forgiven J. for the photo she had recently sent them. “What photo?” I asked, so they forwarded it to me. You’ll understand why I was horrified.

Golden retriever making sausage with the caption:

Before we go any further, you should know that the Double Ps have been pro-dog and pro-cat for as long as we’ve known them. They have always parented both species, rescuing a series of wayward souls. In fact, we had no trouble deciding they could provide a better home for our foster dog, Jenna, than J. and I could. She would be moving to a two-parent home–this predates our co-habitation–in a posher neighbourhood with people who once ran an SPCA. As a bonus, she’d have not just one but two cats to chase. What more could any dog ask for?

Well, I must tell you, I was a bit devastated to hear about this exchange between J. and the Double Ps. We are good friends with them. In fact, they were the only witnesses at our mini secret wedding. The Double Ps will be visiting us next week from out of town, and I’m praying everyone won’t fight like…oh, what’s the expression?

J. and I will have been married 3 years tomorrow, and we’ve been together almost 15 years, yet I never knew she felt such hostility toward cats. To think that she exposed this side of herself to our cat-loving friends before me! Just goes to show you: you may think you know everything about the ones you love, but they’ll always harbour a few secrets. You just have to hope those secrets are not as devastating as this one has been for me.

Happy third anniversary, honey! You may be anti-cat, but somehow you’re still pro-me. I love you. XOXO


5 thoughts on “We’re not anti-cat, we’re just pro-dog, or so I thought….

  1. Well I have to comment on this one.
    I am not anti-cat but borderline. Among other things, the whole litter thing is one of my major issues. Their personalities don’t help but I was pleasantly surprised with one of my client’s new kittens. He is so cuddly and fun that I will concede I get why they could love her.
    But my real reason for commenting is to wish you two a very Happy Anniversary!


    • Dear Cheryl: A surprising number of anti-cat people are jumping out of the woodwork, or should I say off the counter. I’m glad to hear that a kitten is endearing himself to you, though. And thanks for the anniversary wishes! Annie


  2. Well, we definitely wish you a VERY happy anniversary and hope you indulged in some bacon at the very least. As far as the cat sausage joke goes, it did not offend us in the least despite us loving cats. In this household it is much more likely that Chico, the dog, would be made into sausage, than our well behaved cat, Miri, although the joke has me wondering about that missing hind leg of hers………

    love from the double Ps xxx.


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