Ah, to be a woman!

Although I know you’ve been waiting for the dirt, I will not be sharing the rundown of this week’s therapy session. The content is clearly Chapter 4 material. I will, however, acknowledge that I feel lighter and I trust my therapist does not feel heavier. We therapists with good emotional boundaries do not take on our clients’ woes as our own.

Rather, I need something to distract me from this upcoming Monday’s operating room encounter with Dr. Woman. No, I’m not undergoing an operation, just an investigation, but there will be a general anaesthetic involved. It’s been a while since I’ve had a general, and I’m not looking forward to it, for a few reasons.

First, my liver doesn’t like anaesthetic so much and can rebel if taxed. My mock pregnancy first arose following a surgery many years ago, and never really went away.

Also, it turns out my platelets are running low right now, which places me at higher risk of bleeding. I will be topped up with donated platelets before any cutting starts and hope that will stem my tide, but I was told to bring my jammies and toothbrush just in case I need to be watched overnight. I don’t want to be watched overnight.

Perhaps most scarily, this procedure will be taking place in the same building as the ICU, where I spent 13 death-defying days in September 2012. Although I am glad to be alive, I do not want to hang out anywhere near that place again. Brings back bad memories. You can understand that, can’t you?

A timely gynecological distraction has arisen, however: the July 1 elimination of the Tampon Tax. This tax has been the outrage of women since it was instigated with the Goods and Services Tax on January 1, 1991. Almost 25 years later, feminine hygiene products are finally being viewed as an essential product–to be fair, they are just essential for women–and the tax will be rescinded. In my research for this post, I have learned that a group named Canadian Menstruators has been pursuing this legislation change for some time now. Despite my creative bent, I could never have come up with that catchy group moniker!

Not that I would be welcome in this group because, sadly, this tax reversal comes too late for me. At the risk of TMI, I have not needed such products for some time now. But as part of a female-dominated household, I used to dedicate a large washroom drawer to all manner of such goods. Now I use this drawer to store various and sundry anti-aging products.

Thank goodness this situation has been righted for the younger generations. Think of the money young women will save, money they can now put toward the gender pay gap. Way to go, Canadian Menstruators!

One final ungynecological note: I will not be able to publish my usual Monday post because my sedation will render me unable to sign any legal or financial documents, to use power tools, or, most importantly, to write an appropriate entry for my blog. Who knows what I might share as my anaesthetic wears off? Talk about TMI! I’ll be back in the saddle as soon as my judgement returns.

Basset hound sleeping on couch with tongue out



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