My beef with bread

It’s been a low key week as I recover from our travels, and our travails. Because I had no one to cover me during my week of not being sick–with the drop in the price of oil, there are cutbacks all over Alberta these days–I had some work to make up, including a few trips to the lab, an ultrasound, and a visit to Dr. Family, which resulted a referral to yet another specialist. Thank goodness I’m highly qualified for my full-time unpaid position as a patient.

I had kept much of today clear so I could take it easy, though. Despite my vacation hangover (not all hangovers are alcohol induced), I decided to take a short drive to the grocery store in search of a loaf of bread. Now I’m really tuckered out. I picked up package after package, scrutinizing each nutrition label closely, before I decided on one that was passable.

What’s the big deal, you ask? There are endless varieties of bread at the grocery store, so buy one, Annie. Well, because of this low-sodium diet I’m on, the one that keeps me from looking even more pregnant than I already do, buying bread is not that simple. If you don’t believe me, take a minute or two to glance at the sodium counts in the bread aisle. The store-baked whole wheat bread that I passed on was a mere 440 mg for two slices. Then wander over to the cereal aisle, or, if you really want a heart attack, to the soup aisle or the prepared frozen food aisle. If you’re as weary as I am after all this label checking, leave the grocery store and hit up a fast food joint for lunch. Now imagine the counts you see fitting into my allotted 1000 mg per day of sodium.

I used to buy a low-sodium loaf at a local grocery store but they recently stopped baking it altogether so I’m back on the hunt again. Maybe they nixed the lo-so option because I was the only one buying it. I know the research of late has been contradictory, but am I the only one worried about consuming too much salt? Maybe if one or two of you were worried too, we could start a petition to bring back my bread. So far, my pleading has not helped.

I know, I should just be baking my own low-sodium bread. I used to more often in the past but I’ve been remiss lately because baking bread takes effort and time. I could probably find the time between medical appointments, but all my patient-job duties don’t leave me with a lot of energy.

A wearying outing like today’s almost makes me wish I were a good Jew who observed Passover (which is on the horizon by the way), because matzah is very low in sodium. Unfortunately, matzah also looks and tastes like cardboard and, as I’ve told you before, it must be consumed with a chaser of laxatives. The Jews may have survived 40 days in the desert, but 8 days of matzah would kill me. I feel I’ve been punished enough as it is.

Matzah cut in shape of Star of David


4 thoughts on “My beef with bread

  1. This is such a witty post (as usual). It is shocking how much sodium is in our food. I am so sorry for that, and the challenges you face. We bought a bread maker a few years ago and it is SO easy and fabulous. It puts you in control of the ingredients. When we have our coffee date, I will make sure that you have a parting gift of low-sodium bread. Hugs for a restful weekend. xo


    • I will look forward to tasting your wares sometime soon, with gratitude. But, just to warn you if you try experimenting, bread without salt is really tasteless. It’s a sad state of affairs. No wonder there isn’t more low sodium food on the market. People wouldn’t want to eat it if they didn’t have to.


  2. It’s the worst when a store stops carrying your product! They do that every year or two with my favorite deodorant. It has created a deodorant hoarding problem. 😛

    Could you have a bread baking day where you bake, slice, and freeze several loaves so your good to go for awhile? Could you add a bit of that low sodium salt for flavor? Honey bread is my favorite loaf to make for people!

    Also, I’ll bet if you called a bakery and requested the make a loaf and omit the salt, they’d do so for you, especially if you offer some extra money.


    • Thanks for the ideas, Jackie. The first may take a little more energy than I have right now but it’s a good one. The second will take some assertiveness, which I’ll have to build up to. Both are helpful and thoughtful so thanks. Annie


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