You, me, and my blogaversary

Dear Loyal Followers:

Exactly one year has now passed since my first post. Some of you have been with me in blogging from the beginning, while others have joined up somewhere along the way. Thanks to all of you for supporting this venture.

I started this blog hesitantly because, well, it’s all about me. How could I ask anyone to take the time to read about me and my life ad nauseum? You may regret agreeing to follow my blog, but I have no regrets for writing.

Blogging has made a huge difference in my life. It’s been my therapy, when I haven’t been seeing my therapist, that is. Somehow, in 500 words every few days, I’ve been able to keep you abreast of what’s going on, health-wise and otherwise. I have had the chance to sort through what I’m dealing with publicly, to make sense of it, and to deal with my feelings about it. That makes you, simply by virtue of reading, my key supporters.

Border collie with reading glasses looking at computer screen and typing with one pawYour comments and questions and emails and interest have all been so deeply appreciated. I have loved hearing that I made you think or understand or laugh. All are signs to me that you’re still reading. I love it when you tell me that you’ve related to a post in some way. We all go through similar challenges on a day-to-day basis, don’t we? Many of my challenges might relate to cancer and illness, but I hope there are other aspects of my experience that resonate with you.

Acknowledgement of the editorial support of my bestie, J., is long overdue. Without her, I don’t know whether I would have undertaken this project at all, let alone shared it with you. J. has wisely advised me against publishing many missives that were truly in bad taste, or at least encouraged me to tone them down. (I’ve still managed to sneak a few posts about bodily functions by her.) Since I don’t often think before I act, I’m lucky to have J. as my voice of reason. J. has also infused her wry humour into some of my best posts. Thanks sweetie.

If it’s okay with you, I’m going to keep writing for as long as I can. Writing is a reminder to me that I’m still alive and that my brain remains one of my few fully functioning organs. Feel free to opt out of reading if I start repeating myself or I get boring or depressing; I’ll never know. Still, I’ll try not to get boring or depressing.

I feel like I should be doing something in return to thank you for your loyalty. I’m afraid since I’m not working I can’t afford to pay you. I can always offer my thanks in baked goods, however, if you let me know what you’d like. I’d hate to throw dried cherries into your batch of brownies only to find out you’re a brownie purist.

With my love and deepest gratitude,



2 thoughts on “You, me, and my blogaversary

  1. What a lovely entry, congratulations on your one year of blog writing!! I for one, am very happy you will continue to write, I think you have so much courage in sharing your experience and it is so inspiring to watch you cherish your moments, all of them from funny to heartbreaking. Continue writing friend, we will continue to read and be in your corner.


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