A hospital room with a view

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’ve been so quiet lately because I haven’t been able to come up with blog-worthy topics during my cancer-free month of December. I wish that were the reason. In fact, I haven’t written because I haven’t had internet access in the semi-private hospital room I’ve been inhabiting since the weekend. At least I scored the window, which looks out onto the reservoir and parkland and as far as the mountains on a clear day.

Picture of winter scene out window of hospital, including iced-over reservoir and mountains in distance.

This is all my fault for declaring December a cancer-free month only. I should have broadened my proclamation to include illness of any kind. My bad. And so here I sit, a worsening symptom, a doctor visit, an emergency room referral, and an admission later.

And good thing for that admission. I got the full workup, and the smart doctors discovered some interesting things about my one-in-a-billion body. They also found a problem that needed addressing pronto, and so they fixed me up, thwarting a potential catastrophe. Now they’re ready to send me home.

Unfortunately, while I was here, I missed a nice relaxing weekend with my family, gave up J.’s fantastic lasagna with an out-of-town friend Friday night, and ditched two kind invitations for meals with friends. And J. relinquished any semblance of a weekend at all. She came straight to the ER from work Friday and, as always, supported me through this upheaval while holding the fort and arranging for doggy day care with our generous jump-into-action-when-needed friends. She’s been running ragged while I’ve been lying around.

Some good has come out of this, though. You guys had a break from post notifications for a few days. (All my idle chatter must get annoying.) Hopefully you had a great weekend; I don’t begrudge you that. In the meantime, I got some important information about what’s going on with my body that I’ll need to follow up on. Oh, and I didn’t die.

I’m also oddly excited to be on clear fluids for the week. I can see and smell from others’ trays that hospital food is still unappetizing, so I don’t feel I’m missing much, except J.’s lasagna. Also, the jello has improved over my last stay, and the unit has an excellent supply of popsicles. And I’d told you I had a few pounds to lose, so off they slide. I’ll be in tiptop shape in time for Hanukah, the Feast of Fried Foods.

Forget all that “positivity about starving” nonsense. I miss chewing my food, so I’ve taken to fantasizing about other people’s meals. I’ve been watching Food Network nonstop and texting friends to ask them for detailed meal descriptions. Good on you, S., for putting chocolate chips in your quinoa breakfast porridge, even if I bullied you into it. (I’d post the fantastic selfie she sent me this morning but the quinoa is oddly M.I.A. in the bowl of chocolate chips.) Do not diminish your Mini-Wheats, C.. Any no-salt-added cereal is divine in my books. I’ll admit I was jealous of your steak frites for lunch, though, W. I hope you enjoyed them.

Yes, I will have to live vicariously for now. I’ve developed a long list of cravings for my first supper later this week. It will start with dessert, specifically this three-ingredient recipe for Nutella brownies. Easy to make, and I think they’ll slide right down. Hey, if I chew each bite long enough, do you think a brownie might pass for clear fluid?


6 thoughts on “A hospital room with a view

  1. Hey Annie,

    I knew something was up when you weren’t at Yoga yesterday. Nice view!! Hope you get home quick and eating some good lasagna. Take good care Sue


  2. Dear A. I have but one wish of a gift from you and J this year: fullfillment of our agreement to gather at the 2015 Pride Parade in Cagary and I doubt that I need to remind you that you’ve never broken a promise to me. 😜



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