Do you really need to pack that?

Because of the new charges for checked bags, people are trying to pack lighter when they travel. I am guilty of packing more than I need when I go away, but not when we went away last weekend. In fact, we left out a few things that we’d been schlepping along the last several trips, specifically, sick and tired. Why drag them along when we didn’t really need them? In fact, we thought the trip would we better without them.

How did I decide to leave sick and tired at home? Something shifted last week and I started feeling mildly perky, all without the use of drugs, prescription or otherwise. This mysterious perkiness didn’t just last a day; it lasted right through our time away. My bruises are gone, my stitches are healing, my gout has vanished, I’ve had no fevers to speak of. Furthermore, both my white and red blood counts are approaching the normal range for the first time in a long time. You might not recognize me!

Since I’ve been feeling relatively good–let’s say I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, just like I’m sure you are of reading about it–I saw no point in dragging those killjoys along. Rather than limp around town and come down with a fever like I did last gouty, flu-ey trip, I walked and walked and walked every day until J. begged for a break. We covered more ground than we have in years. It was almost like the old days, except for the short afternoon naps.

So I left sick and tired behind, but found room for hope in my bag. I figured it was worth making space. Even though I’m always grateful when I have hope along, I don’t always remember to pack it. We figured we’d never find room for hope again, but aren’t we glad we did. Hope got us thinking about all the possible vacations in our future, vacations free from sick and tired, and had us believing that our days of travel weren’t over. Who wouldn’t want to make room in her bag for something like that?

Sure, tired was in the house when we returned, but that’s a small price to pay for a great vacation. And trust me, if tired gets to be an annoyance, I’m throwing it out already. I think I’ve done my time. Hopefully no one decides to recycle it.

Poppies blooming with picture of Eiffel Tower in background.

Paris in the springtime, anyone? And no, sick and tired, there will be no room for you at the inn.


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