My blood is now thicker than water

Beautiful cloud over water with silver lining.

Don’t tell me you can’t see that silver lining.

I’m sure if you’ve been following me this past few weeks you know it hasn’t really been a party over here. There’s been the trip cancellation, the surgery, the recuperation on the couch, and much too much whining from me. I’m sure you’re getting as sick of me as I am.

So I thought it might be important to focus today on the very large silver lining that has come of this recent turn of events. There is always a silver lining. Sometimes you have to get out the microscope to see it, but it’s always there. In this case, it’s easily visible to the naked eye. My physicians have decided that my blood no longer needs thinning.

I was first prescribed blood thinners 14 years ago when a clot was discovered outside my liver. The first blood thinner I was on, commonly used as rat poison, could be affected by many things, including food I ate and drugs I took, e.g., not too much spinach (thickening), no more Advil (thinning).

Then I landed in hospital a few years back and my doctors decided to switch me to my current blood thinner, which is injected daily. The one that makes me bleed on white couches and bruise at my injection sites. It costs a small fortune. (Thank goodness for drug plans.)

When my hematoma got ugly a few weeks back, my doctors advised me to stop my blood thinners so surgery would work. Then Dr. Liver and Dr. Blood together determined I could remove myself from these drugs altogether. An ultrasound showed I had developed some detours around my clot so blood could still make its way to my liver. The body is amazingly adaptable.

And so over the past 10 days, in the midst of all my chaos, I’ve not had to get up and endure my morning injection. I’ve put my bandaids and steri-pads under my sink, hopefully to gather dust. I’ve not made myself bruise or bleed, and not just because I’ve spent the week on the couch. And my current bruises have been vanishing before my eyes.

As much as I’m relieved by this turn of events, a part of me is wary. There must have been some reasons doctors initially believed I’d never come off these drugs. Also, my dear Sister in Liver Disorders needed her new liver because her doctors decided she too no longer needed her blood thinners many years ago despite an earlier clot. This decision resulted in more clotting and Sister’s eventually needing someone else’s livelier liver.

I still have polycythemia, which likely caused my clot. But my doctors seem to believe I’ll be fine without these drugs, and I need to trust them, and I do. They’re the ones who got me discharged from the ICU two years ago. (Not everyone gets out of that place alive.) How could I not trust them? Just let me be anxious for a little while yet. Change may be easy for my body but it’s tougher for my mind.


2 thoughts on “My blood is now thicker than water

  1. Keep up the trust. They obviously know what they are doing. One less thing to worry about!! Hope your leg is feeling better. I have a little belief in that little something up their in the clouds, trees, animals. Where ever it may be. A little faith does not hurt. We are all sending some + thoughts your way.


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