Treat yourself. You’re worth it.

I want you to think over this past weekend, or past week, or even the past month if you can remember back that far. How often did you deny yourself something you really wanted? And I’m not just talking about things that cost money. Whether it’s that matinee movie, ice cream for dessert, or a sleep in on Sunday morning, I know we all short change ourselves in different ways.

I can tell you the many ways I deny myself. Most, but not all of them, have to do with food because of my darn low-sodium diet. And last weekend, J. offered to walk Jelly because I was wiped, but I turned her down. I shouldn’t have.

How often do we allow ourselves what we want without guilt or shame or self-recrimination? Well, some days I do just because I need cheering up. To give you one example, recently I was walking past our reading room, and this is what I saw:

Large stuffed Grover from Sesame Street sitting on yoga mat

The picture of happy relaxation.

Yes, it’s my almost-life-sized Grover doing yoga. This fuzzy blue monster was an indulgence three years ago. J. bought him to cheer me up on a very down day, brought on by bad news about my health. We had wandered into a store and spotted this huge, glorious Grover, alongside a like-sized Big (BIG!) Bird, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch.

Large Sesame Street Grover character posed in downward dog on yoga mat.

Grover in downward monster.

Not only was this stuffed Grover bigger than any Grover I’d ever seen, he was on sale. (I guess life-sized Sesame Street characters are not in high demand in Calgary, particularly not by middle-aged women.) And so J. bought him for me.

And he did cheer me up, as soon as we belted him into the back seat of our car and brought him home, people smiling and waving as we passed. He spent months occupying an empty seat at our dining table–no, we didn’t feed him, that would be weird–and lounging on the couch with us while we watched TV. And he still brings me joy, especially when J. poses him in different rooms of the house. Until this week, I hadn’t appreciated his passion for yoga.

I have had quite the fascination with the fuzzy blue monster since I named my first dog Grover. Like the fuzzy blue monster, my four-legged son was a little dumb but ever loveable. Unlike the Sesame Street character, however, my dog’s fur was not blue.

Three years later, I still adore my huge stuffed Grover. He’s always sporting that huge pink smile. I just love that he’s always so irrepressibly happy. I haven’t regretted that purchase once, and not just because J. paid. So next time you want to indulge yourself, do it. You deserve it.

Sesame Street character Grover in Savasana pose.

Grover in savasana.


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